18. What Does it Take for Pastors to Preach About Human Sexuality?
By Laurie Krieg

What does it take for pastors to go from knowing they need to preach on human sexuality with grace and truth from the pulpit, to actually preaching?  This paper explores that question through interviews with twelve pastors who share stories of their motivations, their preaching approach, and the responses they received.

Free PDF available now

17. Youth Ministry with LGBTQ+/SSA Students
By Anne Wilson and Tony Rogatto

What does it look like for youth ministries to stay rooted in historic Christian sexual ethics while also making space for LGBTQ+/SSA students to have meaningful encounters with Jesus? Two seasoned youth pastors offer a detailed response to this question by exploring many of the concrete scenarios that come up in youth ministry, including constructing small groups, navigating sleeping spaces, and responding to a student's coming out.

Free PDF available now

16. Understanding Celibate Partnerships and Committed Friendships
By Dr. Gregory Coles

What are some of the creative ways celibate Christians—especially celibate LGBTQ+ and same-sex attracted Christians—have established family and fostered intimacy together? This paper explores the experiences of sixteen interviewees in celibate partnerships or other forms of non-marital committed friendship, outlining both the common themes of these relationships and their many differences.

Free PDF available now

15. Challenges Faced by Christian Parents of LGBTQ+/SSA Children
A Center for Faith Report

This research report discusses the major findings from our Summer 2021 survey of 519 parents. In it, we summarize key data, analyze the meanings behind the numbers, and evaluate the implications and limitations of the study. 

Free PDF available now

14. Guidance for Churches on Membership, Baptism, Communion, Service, and Leadership for Trans* People
By Dr. Preston Sprinkle

This paper is a guide to help church leaders think clearly, consistently, and biblically about policies regarding membership, baptism, communion (or Eucharist), service, and leadership for trans* people. Trans* people are created in God’s image, and they share many things in common with non-trans* people. However, trans* people also go through unique life experiences and wrestle with questions others don’t. This paper seeks to offer guidance to pastors and church leaders as they navigate these questions.

Free PDF available now

13. The Bible, Polyamory, and Monogamy
By Dr. Branson Parler
What do you say when someone asks, “Is your church accepting of poly people? Does the Bible really say that marriage is between one man and one woman? What about all the marriages in the OT that didn’t follow this paradigm? If God accommodated to polygamous relationships in the OT, can we accommodate to polyamorous relationships today? Why, or why not?”  The following pastoral paper by Dr. Branson Parler addresses these questions and more.  

12. A Biblical Conversation About Transgender Identities
By Dr. Preston Sprinkle

This paper seeks to understand what the Bible says about the human identities of male and female as they relate to questions about transgender (and non-binary) identities. The focus of this paper is on what the Bible says and doesn't say, while interacting with the most salient trans-affirming biblical arguements. It concludes by offering some brief responses to some of the most pressing pastoral/ethical questions facing Christian leaders in the church.

Free PDF available now

11. What Pronouns Should Christians Use For Transgender People?
By Gregory Coles

As Christians, what pronouns should we use when we speak about transgender people? In this paper, Gregory Coles argues that the most biblical response to this question is a posture of pronoun hospitality: the view that all Christians can and should use pronouns that reflect the expressed gender identities of transgender people, regardless of our views about gender identity ethics.

Free PDF available now
10. A Christian Survey of Sex Reassignment Surgery and Hormone Therapy
By Dr. Mark Yarhouse & Julia Sadusky

This paper offers an introductory survey of psychological research on sex reassignment surgery and hormone therapy, as well as other approaches to managing gender identity conflict. Our focus here is not on expounding biblical approaches to sex and gender; rather, we want to provide accessible psychological data that will equip Christian leaders to respond to gender identity questions with wisdom, clarity, and compassion. 

Free PDF available now

09. Guidance for Churches on Membership, Baptism, Communion, Leadership and Service for Gay and Lesbian People
By Joshua Ryan Butler

“I’m gay; can I join your church?” At face value, this is a simple question. But there’s actually a world of complexity in defining the terms: what do we mean by gay, and what do we mean by join? How we define join will shape our approach to membership, baptism, leadership, and communion, and how we define gay will shape its impact for the people we’re talking about. In this paper, Pastor Joshua Ryan Butler addresses these topics and offers guidance for Pastors and church leaders seeking to follow Jesus' example of radical embrace and radical obedience.

Free PDF available now

08. 10 Things I Wish Every Christian Leader Knew About Gay Teens in Their Church
By Laurie Krieg

LGBT youth are silently struggling in churches and youth groups all around the world. In many cases, they long to share their stories, which means that leaders need to be prepared to listen and graciously point these students to the fullness of the gospel.  In this paper, Laurie Krieg draws upon her years of experience counseling LGBT youth, as well as her own personal struggle with her sexuality in high school, to offer a practical and pastoral way forward for church leaders. 

Free PDF available now

07. Did adult consensual same-sex relationships exist in Bible times?
By Dr. Preston Sprinkle

The biblical prohibitions against same-sex relations were given against a cultural backdrop that including many different kinds of same-sex relations. Some scholars have recently argued that adult, consensual same-sex relations didn't exist in biblical times. This paper examines many different references to adult, consensual realtions in Ancient Near Eastern, Greco-Roman, and Jewish texts, in order to show that the biblical prohibitions shouldn't be limited to nonconsensual relations. 

Free PDF available now

06. A Christian perspective on parenting a gay child
By Dr. Brad Harper

One of the most difficult relationships people try to manage is the one between Christian parents and gay kids. In this practical and thoughtful paper, Brad Harper talks authentically and pastorally about his relationship with his gay son, Drew. In the end, the two have not only maintained a relationship—their relationship has flourished.

Free PDF available now

05. 15 Responses to Arguments Affirming Same-sex Sexual Relationships
By Dr. Preston Sprinkle

Does the Bible really say that same-sex sexual relations are sin? Is marriage only between a man and a woman, or can a Christian view of marriage be extended to include same-sex couples? There are many reasons why some Christians believe that monogamous, consensual, same-sex relations are not prohibited by Scripture. In this paper, Dr. Preston Sprinkle summarizes and responds to 15 of those reasons. 

Free PDF available now

Was Homosexuality the Sin of Sodom?
04. Was Homosexuality the Sin of Sodom?
By Dr. Preston Sprinkle

Many Christians assume that the sin of Sodom (Gen. 19:1-10) was homosexuality. This assumption has given us everything from the word "sodomy" to bumper stickers declaring that "gay pride is why Sodom fried." But was "sodomy" really the sin of Sodom? Is gay pride the reason why God fried the city?

Free PDF available now

Is Same-Sex Attraction (or Being Gay) a Sin?
03. Is Same-Sex Attraction (or Being Gay) a Sin?
By Dr. Nate Collins and Greg Coles

Is being gay a sin? We argue that the answerto this questionis "no." Simply being gay in sexual orientation is no more or less sinful thanbeing straight. Our attractions and orientations don't make us sinful or holy—it's what we do with our attractions and orientations, the way we steward our sexuality, that counts in the eyes of God.

Free PDF available now

Why Didn’t Jesus Mention Homosexuality?
02. Why Didn’t Jesus Mention Homosexuality?
By Dr. Preston Sprinkle

Jesus never explicitly mentioned homosexuality in the four gospels of the New Testament. He talked about fornication, adultery, lust, marriage, divorce, and other aspects of sexuality. But he never mentioned same-sex sexual relations.

Free PDF available now

Should Christians Attend a Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony?
01. Should Christians Attend a Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony?
By Dr. Preston Sprinkle

Christians are often faced with the question: Should I attend the same-sex wedding of my friend or loved one? While the Bible doesn't give an explicit yes or no, it does provide us with principles that should shape our response. In this paper, Dr. Preston Sprinkle presents a framework for how to think through this question and describes several different responses that are faithful to a traditional Christian view of marriage.

Free PDF available now

Conversations Every Thoughtful Christian Should Have About Faith, Sexuality & Gender

Grace/Truth is an interactive, small group learning experience that introduces Christians to LGBT+ people, the language to use and avoid, a theologically faithful view of marriage and sexuality, and practical guidance on how to embody the love of Christ toward sexual and gender minorities. 

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Scandalous Grace
by Dr. Preston Sprinkle

Grace is a dangerous topic. We want to domesticate it, calm it down, and stuff it into a blue blazer and a pair of khakis. But biblical grace—or charis—doesn’t like to settle down. Grace is a dangerous topic because the Bible is a dangerous book.
Scandalous Grace flows from the author’s half dozen years of teaching the Old Testament to college students. You might think that would produce a book about judgment – but he shows how every character, every event, every single page of the Old Testament bleeds grace. Rather than looking for heroes to emulate – readers discover a gracious God who loves to redeem the unredeemable.

People to be Loved: Why Homosexuality is Not Just An Issue
People to be Loved: Why Homosexuality is Not Just An Issue
by Dr. Preston Sprinkle

Named by Outreach Magazine as the culture resource of the year, People to Be Loved explores what the Bible says about homosexuality in a thorough yet down to earth way. It also addresses many of the practical and pastoral questions about the church and LGBTQ people.

Living in a Gray World
Living in a Gray World
by Dr. Preston Sprinkle

A biblical and practical guide through the LGBT conversation, written for teens but not exclusively for teens. Living in the Gray World discusses what the Bible says about sexuality and gender, and helps younger Christians navigate the LGBTQ conversation with clarity and grace.

Homosexuality, the Bible and the Church
Homosexuality, the Bible and the Church
by Dr. Preston Sprinkle

While Christian debates about homosexuality are most often dominated by biblical exegesis, this book seeks to give much-needed attention to the rich history of received Christian tradition, bringing the Bible into conversation with historical and systematic theology. To that end, both theologians and biblical scholars—well accomplished in their fields and conversant in issues of sexuality and gender—articulate and defend each of the two views.

Embodied: Transgender Identities, The Church, and What the Bible Has to Say
by Dr. Preston Sprinkle

Compassionate, biblical, and thought-provoking, Embodied is an accessible guide for Christians who want help navigating issues related to the transgender conversation. Preston Sprinkle draws on Scripture as well as real-life stories of individuals struggling with gender dysphoria to help readers understand the complexities and emotions of this highly relevant topic.

Washed and Waiting
Washed and Waiting

Weaving together reflections from his own life and the lives of other Christians, such as Henri Nouwen and Gerard Manley Hopkins, Hill offers a fresh perspective on these questions. He advocates neither unqualified "healing" for those who struggle nor accommodation to temptation, but rather faithfulness in the midst of brokenness.

Understanding Sexual Identity
Understanding Sexual Identity

Today's youth struggle with difficult questions of sexual identity. How can a youth worker offer wise care and counsel on such a controversial and confusing subject? Mark Yarhouse, director of the Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity, equips youth ministers so they can faithfully navigate the topic of sexual identity in a way that is honest, compassionate, and accessible.

Understanding Gender Dysphoria
Understanding Gender Dysphoria

In Understanding Gender Dysphoria, Yarhouse offers a Christian perspective on transgender issues that eschews simplistic answers and appreciates the psychological and theological complexity. The result is a book that engages the latest research while remaining pastorally sensitive to the experiences of each person. In the midst of a tense political climate, Yarhouse calls Christians to come alongside those on the margins and stand with them as they resolve their questions and concerns about gender identity. Understanding Gender Dysphoria is the book we need to navigate these stormy cultural waters.

Spiritual Friendship
Spiritual Friendship
Single, Gay, Christian
Single, Gay, Christian

In an age where neither society nor the church knows what to do with gay Christians, Greg Coles tells his own story. This book is both accessible and thoughtful. Greg's engaging prose and insightful observations about faith and sexuality will challenge what you thought you knew about the LGBTQ conversation.

Same-Sex Attraction and the Church
Same-Sex Attraction and the Church

When Christians have same-sex attraction, how should the church respond? Pastor Ed Shaw experiences same-sex attraction, and yet he is committed to Scripture and the church's traditional position of fidelity in heterosexual marriage and celibacy in singleness. In this honest book, he shares his pain in dealing with these issues, but at the same time shows us that obedience to Jesus is ultimately the only way to experience life to the full. He shows that the Bible's teaching seems unreasonable not because of its difficulties, but because of missteps that the church has often taken in its understanding of the Christian life. We have been shaped by the world around us and urgently need to re-examine the values that drive our discipleship. Only by doing this in the light of the Bible can we make sense of its call on the lives of those who are attracted to their own sex.

Journey Well Study: Explore Your Deepest Needs and How to Meet Them
by Laurie Krieg

Laurie was a Christian from an amazing Christian family. She was also in a same-sex relationship. Laurie didn't fit her own stereotypes of a "homosexual lifestyle." Although she knew the theology of God's design for marriage (and even believed it!), she didn't think she could live it out without hating herself. Laurie finally reached a point where she was going to either kill herself or come out as a lesbian atheist, but then someone came alongside her. This someone, Carolyn, walked alongside Laurie not with Leviticus 18, 1 Corinthians 6, or Romans 1, but heart-to-heart. What was that discipleship journey? How can you walk it out as yourself, alongside a loved one, or in a group? Grab the Journey Well Study and accompanying videos here.

Is God Anti-Gay?
Is God Anti-Gay?

It's the hot topic of the moment. Christians, the church and the Bible seem to be out of step with modern attitudes towards homosexuality. And there is growing hostility towards those who hold a different view. So is God homophobic? And what do we say, and how do we relate to to both Christians and non Christians who experience same-sex attraction.

In this short, simple book, Sam Allberry wants to help confused Christians understand what God has said about these questions in the scriptures, and offers a positive and liberating way forward through the debate.

Homosexuality and the Christian
Homosexuality and the Christian

Mark Yarhouse gives honest and accurate answers to parents and pastors who have questions about homosexuality. Throughout the book, the author uses a new framework for understanding the issue, carefully separating the concept of "same sex attraction" from a "gay identity." In a clear and compassionate style, he explains the research regarding what causes same-sex attraction and whether or not it can be overcome. He also discusses what Christians can do when someone they know opens up to them about their homosexual attractions.

Guiding Families: Second Edition

Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones provides practical insights on how to honor God and radically love LGBT+ people in your life. Our 150-page, interactive guide is a comprehensive resource that rapidly equips pastors, parents, and all who care.

An Impossible Marriage
What Our Mixed-Orientation Marriage Has Taught Us About Love and the Gospel

"People say our marriage is impossible." Laurie and Matt Krieg are in a mixed-orientation marriage: a marriage in which at least one partner's primary attraction isn't toward the gender of their spouse. In the Kriegs' case, Laurie is primarily attracted to women―and so is Matt. Some find the idea of mixed-orientation marriage bewildering or even offensive. But as the Kriegs have learned, nothing is impossible with God―and that's as true of their marriage as anyone else's. In An Impossible Marriage, the Kriegs tell their story: how they met and got married, the challenges and breakthroughs of their journey, and what they've learned about marriage along the way. Christianity teaches us that marriage is a picture of Jesus’ love for the church―and that's just as true in a mixed-orientation marriage as in a straight one. With vulnerability and wisdom, this book lays out an engaging picture of marriage in all its pain and beauty. It's a picture that points us, over and over again, to the love and grace of Jesus―as marriage was always meant to do.

All But Invisible
All But Invisible

Beginning with how the Bible describes the Church, author Nate Collins outlines a vision for community life that challenges Christians to examine obstacles that inhibit spiritual unity. This new vision calls straight and non-straight believers alike to patterns of Christian obedience that respect and honor their similarities and differences. In addition, Collins provides a theological framework for understanding how Genesis 1-2 describes both gender and sexuality. He then unpacks biblical concepts like desire, lust, and temptation, and applies them to modern constructs like sexual attraction and orientation. Collins explores the theme of identity, focusing on facets of personal identity that are central to the experience of Christian gender minorities. He looks at what Scripture says about the formation and function of Christian identity, highlighting several theological and sociological tensions. Collins writes for believers who have a traditional sexual ethic and provides a compelling vision of gospel flourishing for gay, lesbian, and other same-sex attracted individuals.

Faith, Sexuality, and Gender: Digital Leaders Forum
The Most Comprehensive Course on Faith, Sexuality & Gender

A comprehensive course on faith, sexuality & gender for Christian leaders and pastors taught by Dr. Preston Sprinkle. The online course includes 22 sessions, 8 hours of video content, LGBT and pastoral panels, and hours of bonus material. This product is only available through our website.

Gracia/Verdad 1.0
Dr. Preston Sprinkle

Gracia/Verdad 1.0 está diseñado para que grupos pequeños, a través de 5 semanas. Serán invitados a discutir la tema y la gente de LGBT+, el vocabulario para usar y no usar, un punto de vista bíblica del matrimonio y la sexualidad y para proveer sabiduría en cómo encarnar el amor de Cristo hacia ellos que son la minoría de su sexualidad y de su género. La versión pdf del libro y los videos sólo están disponibles en nuestra tienda en línea:

  • Conversación 1:  Querida Iglesia: soy gay
  • Conversación 2:  Gracia/Verdad—a la manera de Jesús 
  • Conversación 3:  ¿Qué es el matrimonio?
  • Conversación 4: ¿Qué dice la Biblia sobre las relaciones con el mismo sexo?
  • Conversación 5:  Seis cosas relacionales que hacer y evitar

  Compra ahora por $7.95

7. ¿Existían en tiempos bíblicos relaciones consensuadas entre adultos del mismo sexo?
Dr. Preston Sprinkle

Ensayo Pastoral 7. ¿Existían en tiempos bíblicos relaciones consensuadas entre adultos del mismo sexo?


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5. 15 Razones para Aceptar las Relaciones con el Mismo Sexo- Y 15 Respuestas
Dr. Preston Sprinkle

Ensayo Pastoral 5. 15 Razones para Aceptar las Relaciones con el Mismo Sexo-Y 15 Respuestas


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4. ¿Era el Pecado de Sodoma la Homosexualidad?
Dr. Preston Sprinkle

Ensayo Pastoral 4.¿Era el Pecado de Sodoma la Homosexualidad? 


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3. ¿Es la Atracción por el Mismo Sexo (“ser gay”) un Pecado?
Dr. Nate Collins y Greg Coles

Ensayo Pastora 3. ¿Es la Atracción por el Mismo Sexo (“ser gay”) un Pecado?

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2. ¿Por qué no habló Jesús sobre la homosexualidad?
Dr. Preston Sprinkle

Ensayo Pastoral 2.  ¿Por qué no habló Jesús sobre la homosexualidad?


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1. ¿Deberían los cristianos asistir a una ceremonia de boda del mismo sexo?
Dr. Preston sprinkle

Ensayo Pastoral 1: ¿Deberían los cristianos asistir a una ceremonia de boda del mismo sexo?


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The Problems with Correlating Sexual Orientation Change Efforts and Gender Identity Change Efforts
Dr. Paul Eddy and Dr. Preston Sprinkle

While there certainly are similarities between Gender Identity Change Efforts (GICE) and Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE), there are also some significant differences. The purpose of this study is to consider both the similarities and, especially, the differences between SOCE and GICE. The motivation behind this study is not to defend either SOCE or (what has been called) GICE. Rather, the primary purpose of this study is to explore the differences between SOCE and GICE in order to challenge the widespread conflation of the two and address some of the unhelpful ramifications that stem from this conflation.

Rethinking Transition: On the History, Experience and Current Research Regarding Gender Transition, Transition Regret and Detransition
By Dr. Paul Rhodes Eddy

One of the most controversial questions in the academic conversation about transgender experiences is this: How common is it for transgender people who pursue a gender transition to change their minds later and choose to detransition? Estimates of the prevalence of detransition vary widely. Some researchers say this outcome is extremely rare, while others claim it is increasingly common.

Dr. Paul Rhodes Eddy, dug deep into the research to explore these conflicting reports. He’s compiled his research for us in this new free resource. 

Reflections on the Debate Concerning the Desistance Rate among Young People with Gender Dysphoria
By Dr. Paul Rhodes Eddy

Over the last several years, a key point of controversy has emerged at the heart of the transgender child phenomenon – namely, the desistance debate. In simple terms, the debate involves this question: Of the children who experience gender dysphoria in their prepubescent years, how many of them will “persist” in this experience such that they eventually transition and/or identify as transgender in adulthood, and how many will “desist” in this experience such that, in adulthood, their sense of gender identity eventually aligns with their natal (birth) sex? The purpose of this essay is to analyze the desistance debate, both within and beyond the polarities of the culture war

Webinar Recordings: 2023 Spring Webinar Series

Recorded: January 2023 - May 2023

All our Spring 2023 webinars are now available for on demand access! You can go back and catch any webinars you missed, or encourage friends and colleagues to check out a webinar that was particularly helpful for you. 

Webinars include:

  • Finding your Best Identity
  • Mental-Health-Informed Parenting
  • Walking with Survivors of Sexual Abuse
  • A Healthy Church for LGBTQ People, Part 1
  • A Healthy Church for LGBTQ People, Part 2
  • Parenting Young Kids through Sex & Gender Conversations
  • Being Straight in Mixed-Orientation Marriages
  • Celibacy, Desire, and Asceticism
  • Sexuality and Faith in Asian American Communities

$10 for individual recordings or $60 for the full bundle!

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Webinar Recordings: 2023 Fall Webinar Series

Recorded: August 2023 - December 2023

All our Fall 2023 webinars are now available for on demand access! You can go back and catch any webinars you missed, or encourage friends and colleagues to check out a webinar that was particularly helpful for you. 

Webinars include:

  • Youth Ministry with LGBTQ Students
  • Outreach and Discipleship in Human Sexuality
  • Sexuality and Faith in Black American Communities
  • Humanizing Dialogue in the Trans Conversation
  • Pastoring Through LGBTQ Conversations
  • How can Parents and LGBTQ Kids Build Relationships Across Theological Difference?
  • Start Talking to Your Kids About Sex
  • Should Christians 'Come Out' about Same-Sex Attraction of Gender Dysphoria?

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Webinar Recordings: 2022 Spring Webinar Series

Recorded: January 2022 - May 2022

All our spring 2022 webinars are now available for on demand access! You can go back and catch any webinars you missed, or encourage friends and colleagues to check out a webinar that was particularly helpful for you. And if you want to buy all the spring webinars together as a bundle, they’re 50% off!

Webinars include:

  • Parenting Teenagers in a Sexualized Internet Age
  • Q&A for Parents of LGBTQ Kids
  • How Should Christians Think About Conversion Therapy?
  • Journeying with Gender Minorities
  • Q&A Webinar for Teachers and School Administrators
  • Making Life Livable for LGBTQ Christians
  • Should Christians Identify as Gay?

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Webinar Recordings: 2022 Fall Webinar Series

Recorded: August 2022 - October 2022

All our Fall 2022 webinars are now available for on demand access! You can go back and catch any webinars you missed, or encourage friends and colleagues to check out a webinar that was particularly helpful for you. 

Webinars include:

  • Thriving Communities for Sexual Minority Christians, featuring Art Pereira
  • What Jesus’ Sexuality Means for Our Sexuality, featuring Debra Hirsch
  • Teens and Mental Health, featuring Brooke Keels
  • Global Conversations with LGBTQ/SSA Christians, featuring panelists from the United Kingdom, Poland, Kenya, and Singapore

$35 for the full bundle!

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Webinar Recording: Parenting LGBTQ Kids

Recorded: March 23, 2021

In this webinar, Preston will host a conversation with two different parents and their LGBTQ or same-sex attracted Christian kids and talk open and honestly about how they have navigated their relationship. They’ll discuss the pros and the cons, the things they did well, and the things they didn’t do too well. The goal is to give out much wisdom from lived experience to others trying to navigate their relationship with their own LGBTQ/SSA kids or loved ones.

Preston's guests for this webinar are:

  • Nate Collins
  • Chip Collins
  • Kat LaPrairie
  • Janet LaPraire


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Webinar Recording: Discipling Youth in Christian Sexuality

Recorded: February 22, 2021

Questions about sex, sexuality, and gender have become the most pressing ethical questions facing the church today, and our youth especially are in need of guidance in these topics. And when it comes to sexuality, our youth are being discipled by somebody. Probably many people. Where will our voice be in the midst of the cacophony of influences in their life?

Preston's guest for this webinar is:

  • Jason Soucinek, Executive Director and Founder of ProjectSix19



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Webinar Recording: Creating Healthy Churches for LGBTQ+ People

Recorded: April 13, 2021

One of the most difficult things for any pastor is creating a church culture where they can have healthy conversations about LGBTQ related questions, and create a climate where people wrestling with their own sexuality or gender identity can feel loved and discipled. That’s why Preston is hosting Bruce Miller and Laurie Krieg as special guests on this webinar. Bruce is a seasoned pastor, author, and mentor who’s done a fantastic job cultivating a healthy church environment for SSA/LGBTQ people within a traditional sexual ethic. Laurie is same-sex attracted and brings much wisdom and lived experience to the question of how pastors can create healthy, Christ-centered church environments for LGBTQ/SSA people.Preston's guests for this webinar are:

  • Laurie Krieg
  • Bruce Miller


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Webinar Recording: Christian Sexuality - An Evening with Jackie Hill Perry

Recorded: May 6, 2021

Jackie Hill Perry is a Christian, wife, mother, poet, hip hop artist, writer, speaker, and has an amazing testimony about meeting Jesus while living as a lesbian. Jackie is the author of Gay Girl, Good God, and has become an outspoken voice in boldly proclaiming the centrality of the gospel in conversations about sexuality. In this webinar, Jackie will talk about how the gospel relates to sexuality and then respond to text-in questions from our live audience. This webinar will be perfect for anyone who’s wrestling with their faith and sexuality, parents with LGBTQ kids, Christian leaders, or anyone wanting to embody both grace and truth in their conversations about sexuality.


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Webinar Recording: An Introduction to the Transgender Conversation

Recorded: May 18, 2021

Questions about the “T” of LGBTQIA+ can be complicated and overwhelming for non-trans* people. Yet, they might be the most prevalent questions people ask in sexuality and gender conversations. In this webinar, Dr. Preston Sprinkle, president of The Center and author of Embodied: Transgender Identities, the Church, and What the Bible Has to Say, will give an overview of the transgender conversation, introducing us to the important concepts, identity terms, and the main things every Christian should understand in order to understand and love trans* people well.


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Webinar Recording: A Christian Perspective on Parenting Trans* Kids & Teens

Recorded: August 25, 2020

This webinar is focused on helping Christian parents navigate issues related to parenting trans* kids/teens; that is, kids who experience gender dysphoria, are wrestling with their gender identity, and/or identify as transgender, nonbinary, gender fluid, genderqueer, or gender nonconforming (and other related identities). Our focus will be on parenting kids who are college age or younger, but this webinar will also be helpful for any parent with a trans* kid of any age.

Preston's guests for this webinar are:

  • Bill Henson, President and founder of Lead Them Home
  • Lesli, Gender Identity Ministry Director for Lead Them Home


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Webinar Recording: A Christian Perspective on Parenting Gay Children

Recorded: July 21, 2020

Two special guests will lead us in this webinar: Greg Coles and his father Dave.  Greg came out to his parents when he was 25 years old and they have a vibrant relationship. This was an amazing conversation where we learned what Greg's parents did right, some mistakes they made, and what advice they have for parents in the same situation.

Preston's guests for this webinar are:

  • Greg Coles, Ph.D. Center for Faith, Sexuality, & Gender Collaborative Team
  • Dave Coles


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Christian Sexuality
Conversations About Jesus, Sex & Gender

A 12-part video series created for youth leaders, mentors, teachers, school administrators, and parents to engage with high school students in one of the most important conversations of our age.

Topics we unpack:

  • God’s Lovestory
  • Same-Sex Sexuality
  • The Authority of God & Scripture
  • Transgender Identities
  • Shame & Forgiveness
  • LGBTQ+ Questions
  • Sex & Marriage
  • Dating & Friendships
  • Singleness & Intimacy
  • Sex in the iWorld
  • Porn & Masturbation
  • Following Jesus in a Sexualized Age
Parenting LGBTQ Kids
Love your kids like Jesus

This 11-part series helps Christian parents navigate the journey of raising and walking alongside their LGBTQ child.

Topics we unpack:

  • Approaching LGBTQ Conversations
  • Seeking Parental Care & Support
  • Coming Out
  • Best Practices
  • Best Improvements
  • The Faith of your Child
  • Navigating Partners & Weddings
  • Addressing the Top Parenting Questions
  • The Trans* Conversation - Going Deeper
  • Names & Pronouns
  • Parenting & Transition
Journeys of Faith
Stories of Love & Purpose From LGBTQ/SSA Christians

A FREE resource from The Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender

Sessions Include:

  1. No One is Excluded
  2. The Upside Down Kingdom
  3. Counting the Cost
  4. Existing on Purpose
  5. Chosen Family
  6. Becoming like Jesus
  7. Navigating Christian Community
  8. An Eternal Romance
Helping Parents Love
Zoom Cohorts for Parents of LGBTQ Kids

Helping Parents Love is a new faith-based support initiative for Christian parents with LGBTQ children. Using the Parenting LGBTQ Kids curriculum, parents join a virtual group that meets for 3 months in weekly 90-120 minute Zoom meetings.

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