Youth Project on Christian Sexuality

Youth Project on Christian Sexuality
June 17, 2020
Hey friends,
We just wrapped up 10 days of filming for our youth project titled “Christian Sexuality.” Christian Sexuality is a comprehensive, video-based, conversational curriculum focused on helping youth (ages 13-18) engage God’s vision for sex, sexuality, and gender in a way that’s relational, down to earth, biblical, and compelling. 
This 12 week conversation covers many different topics like singleness, marriage, dating, sexual abuse, porn, same-sex sexuality, masturbation, friendships, sex, transgender and non-binary identities, VR sex, sexting, and others. The whole conversation, though, begins by addressing three key areas: the love of God, the authority of God, and the shame that often cripples conversations about sex and prevents people from even engaging the topic in healthy ways. 
Our hosts for this conversation are Will Chung and Monica Zuniga (pictured below)—two sold out believers in Jesus who are amazing leaders and were fantastic in front of a camera. We also have about 15 other Christians like Jackie Hill Perry and Laurie Krieg (pictured below) who share their stories throughout. 
I cannot be more thrilled by how things are turning out. We have one more filming week in early August and then several months of editing and prep before the project will be available. Right now, we’re shooting for October at the very earliest, or January 2021 at the latest. 
Many thanks to those who have who have invested in our ministry and have made projects like this possible! 
Preston Sprinkle