The Most Comprehensive Course on Faith, Sexuality & Gender

The Most Comprehensive Course on Faith, Sexuality & Gender
February 27, 2019
Hey Friends!
I’m pleased to announce that after many hours of studying, filming, editing, more filming, more editing, and doing all the work needed to pull off the production of such a massive project—the Digital Leaders Forum is here! 

What is the Digital Leaders Forum? 

It’s the most comprehensive learning experience on faith, sexuality & gender. Over 8 hours of video content covered in 22 video lessons. This is not just a video recording of a live Leaders Forum. It’s a completely new course that covers everything we cover at a live Leaders Forum, but we’ve added 25% more content including:
  • Panel conversations with LGBTQ Christians and Christian pastors
  • 20 of the top questions about faith, sexuality & gender thoroughly addressed
  • Additional content (videos, papers, articles) that accompany the sessions
  • New topics and content that’s not covered at a live Leaders Forum
Please watch the short trailer below to learn more about this resource.
Grace and peace,
Preston Sprinkle

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