Webinar: Humanizing Dialogue in the Trans Conversation

Webinar: Humanizing Dialogue in the Trans Conversation
Oct 27
, 2023

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  • Date: Friday, October 27, 2023 
  • Time: 11am - 12:30pm Pacific (2pm - 3:30pm Eastern)
  • Primary Audience: Church leaders, parents and friends of trans* people, socially engaged Christians
  • Cost: $20 (includes 7 days access to recording)

Few conversations today are more complex—or more vulnerable to anger, polarization, and dehumanization—than conversations about gender and trans identities. How can Christians enter into these conversations in way that honors the image of God in all people, even and especially the ones we disagree with? How can we learn to have fruitful dialogue across our disagreements and avoid unnecessary offense for the sake of cultivating strong relationships? Our special guests for this webinar are Julia Malott and Heather Skriba; their personal stories with gender identity are vastly different from one another in many ways, but they share a common commitment to promoting kindness and humanization as they engage these tender conversations.


October 27

  • 11:00am Webinar Begins
  • 12:30pm Webinar Ends

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