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Webinar: Discipling Youth in Christian Sexuality

Webinar: Discipling Youth in Christian Sexuality
Feb 22
, 2021

Join us for this Webinar!

  • Date: Feb. 22
  • Time: 8:30-10:00pm EST
  • Primary Audience: Youth workers and parents
  • Cost: Free

Questions about sex, sexuality, and gender have become the most pressing ethical questions facing the church today, and our youth especially are in need of guidance in these topics. And when it comes to sexuality, our youth are being discipled by somebody. Probably many people. Where will our voice be in the midst of the cacophony of influences in their life?


This webinar, hosted by Preston Sprinkle and youth expert Jason Soucinek, will help parents, youth leaders, pastors, and mentors to know how to disciple our youth in conversations about sex, sexuality, and gender. We will also explain how you can use our recently released curriculum, Christian Sexuality, as you seek to disciple your youth.


February 22

  • 8:30pm Webinar Begins
  • 10:00pm Webinar Ends

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