Why Didn’t Jesus Mention Homosexuality?

Why Didn’t Jesus Mention Homosexuality?
October 14, 2017
Jesus never explicitly mentioned homosexuality in the four gospels of the New Testament. 
He talked about fornication, adultery, lust, marriage, divorce, and other aspects of sexuality. But he never mentioned same-sex sexual relations.
Some say Jesus would have affirmed same-sex sexual relations. Since he didn’t mention them, they reason, and since Jesus was focused on loving people, surely he would have taken the affirming—and in their minds, the more loving—stance. 
Others say that Jesus’s silence proves his indifference toward same-sex sexual relations. If he were dragged into our modern debate, they say, he would have shrugged his shoulders and told us to focus on more important things like feeding the poor. 
I believe both of these perspectives are wrong. I’ll argue on biblical and historical grounds that Jesus neither affirmed nor was indifferent toward same-sex sexual relationsRather, Jesus considered them to be sexually immoral, and he would not have deemed them to be a disputable matter that Christians should agree to disagree on. 
I’ll first offer 5 reasons to support my claim. Then, I’ll address 5 objections to my argument. I’ll conclude by offering some brief pastoral reflections. 
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