Webinar for Parents with Gay Kids

Webinar for Parents with Gay Kids
June 24, 2020
I’m very excited to announce our next webinar—“A Christian Perspective on Parenting Gay Children.” I know this is a huge need in the church right now, and parents with gay kids are eager to learn from others who have gone about it well. 
I have two special guests who will lead us in this webinar: my good friend Greg Coles and his father Dave Coles. Greg is 30 years old, has a Ph.D. in English from Penn State, is a worship leader, author, speaker, and a zealous follower of Jesus. Greg came out to his parents when he was 25 years old and they have a vibrant relationship. Whenever I talk to Greg about his coming out experience, he always raves about how well his parents navigated things. I’m excited for us all to learn what his parents did right, some mistakes they made, and what advice they can give to parents who are wrestling with the same situation. 
The webinar will be on Tuesday, July 21st from 5:30-7:00pm PST (8:30-10:00pm EST). Registration for this event is $20 “per computer” (which can cover both parents). I would highly recommend this webinar to any Christian parent who has a gay son or daughter, or to anyone who knows of such a parent and wants to help them engage the relationship with grace and truth. Register here!
And check out Greg’s book Single, Gay, Christian if you haven’t already read it. 
See you in a few weeks! 
Grace and peace,
Preston Sprinkle