Podcasts on Sexuality and Gender

Podcasts on Sexuality and Gender
March 31, 2020

By Preston Sprinkle, President of The Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender


As some of you know, I run a podcast called “Theology in the Raw,” which you can find on most podcast outlets (Google PlayiTunesSpotify, etc.). You can also find them right here on our Resources page. 

I typically interview people on my podcasts: writers, thinkers, theologians, and pastors. Periodically, I interview LGBTQ Christians, or discuss sexuality and gender questions. If you’re interested, here are some episodes from the last few months you might find helpful: 

  • Episode 782. I sit down with Dr. Wesley Hill to talk about the phrase "gay Christian" and why it's become so volatile in certain circles.
  • Episode 768. I discuss the question about where trans students should sleep at summer camp. 
  • Episode 764. I talk with my friend Lesli Hudson-Reynolds, a sold out Jesus follower who identifies as non-binary. 
  • Episode 760. Lianne Simon, an intersex Christian, joins me on the show to talk about intersex. (See also episode 743, where I talk with another intersex Christian.)
  • Episode 756. Trans Christian Kat La Prairie joins me to talk about her life and experience. 
  • Episode 755. I’m joined by my good friend Laurie Krieg, who’s gospel centered, same-sex attraction, and married to a man. 
  • Episode 754. Sex, youth culture, pornography, and why the purity movement didn’t work--a great conversation with my good friend Jason Soucinek. 
  • Episode 751. Irish pastor-theologian, Peter Lynas, joins me to talk about the sexuality and gender conversation in the U.K. 
  • Episode 747. I chat with Scottish journalist, Madeleine Kearns, who’s been tracking the public transgender conversation.
  • Episode 746. Has the word “homosexual” always been in the Bible? The answer is no, but it’s much more complicated than people think. 
  • Episode 733. A conversation with James Shupe, the first legally recognized “non-binary” person, who recently came out and said “it was all a sham.” 

I also highly recommend that you check out Laurie and Matt Krieg’s podcast, “Hole in My Heart,” where they interview lots of interesting people in the sexuality and gender conversation. There are too many great episodes to highlight. Just scroll through their feed and see what looks interesting. One of my personal favorites is Episode 99, where they interview Heather Skirba, a transitioned and then detransioned Christian. Fascinating story!