Announcing Grace / Truth 2.0!

Announcing Grace / Truth 2.0!
September 18, 2018
Hey friends!
I can’t tell you how excited I am to announce that Grace/Truth 2.0 is now available! After many months of writing, editing, rethinking, rewriting, consulting, and more writing, editing, tweaking, etc. the second half of the Grace/Truth learning experience is now available for purchase.
Grace/Truth 2.0 is not an updated version of 1.0, but an additional 5 conversations on faith, sexuality & gender. In all, the Grace/Truth 1.0 and 2.0 series constitutes 10 weeks of study.
If you’ve gone through 1.0 and found it to be helpful, then you will really enjoy 2.0, as it dives deeper into more complex issues in the conversation—especially issues related to gender and transgender identities. Here’s the table of contents for 2.0:
  • Conversation 6: Us vs. Us
  • Conversation 7: Shouldn't Christians Just Love Everyone? And Other Questions... 
  • Conversation 8: Sex, Gender, and the Bible
  • Conversation 9: A Grace/Truth Response to the Gender Conversation
  • Conversation 10: LGBT+ Inclusion in the Church
If you haven’t gone through 1.0, please visit our newly improved online store to check out this resource and other products produced by The Center.

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A small group learning experience designed to help Christians engage in conversations about faith, gender, and sexuality.