Dr. Roger Valci


Dr. Roger Valci (D.Min) is an author, educator, filmmaker/playwright, and the lead pastor of Valley Christian Center and Schools in Dublin, California. Dr. Valci holds a Master of Divinity and Doctorate in Preaching from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. He recently spent a summer with the LGBT+ families in his church and schools resulting in a historical document of integration: An Invitation to the LGBTQ Community from Valley Christian Center. Dr. Valci is also the founder and president of CityServe of the Tri-valley, a non profit comprised of twenty-seven churches dedicated to serving their community. He's also passionate about integrating faith and film: he served as the playwright for Cosmic Christmas, a dramatic portrayal the Christmas story from heaven's perspective, and is a Davey's award filmmaker for 40 Reasons, a film that depicts the grandeur and beauty of salvation. Roger and his wife Janae live in Dublin, California, and they have 3 kids.