Brian and Karen Mulder

Lead Facilitators

Brian and Karen live in Franklin, IN, and they have three married sons and two grandchildren.

Brian had been in full-time ministry as a pastor and worship leader for 25 years when their middle son, Aaron, first told them he was gay. In the years following that disclosure, they all navigated their lives and relationships the best they could, while Aaron mostly kept his orientation a secret. At that time, there were few resources available to help any of them, and the church was not a place where they felt confident they could find safety. A few years ago, Aaron met and eventually married his husband, Roberto. Brian and Karen trusted God to lead them as they navigated family and church relationships, and they chose to attend the wedding. Along the way, they found support from wise friends and a new and growing network of resources that had become available, including those by Preston Sprinkle and The Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender.

Though Brian and Karen still often find the church a difficult place to be vulnerable about this topic, they have found that God is faithful to meet them in their hurt, fear, and brokenness. As they have shared their story, they have seen God faithfully open doors to much-needed conversations that parents are longing to have with other parents, with their children, and with their church. Brian and Karen are excited to Help Parents Love as they bring support, hope, and encouragement to Christian parents and pastors with LGBT+ loved ones in their families and congregations.