Webinar: Making Life Livable for LGBTQ Christians

Webinar: Making Life Livable for LGBTQ Christians
Apr 12
, 2022

Join us for this Webinar!

  • Date: Tuesday, April 12

  • Time: 5:30-7:00pm PST
  • Primary Audience: Parents, friends and allies, LGBTQ/SSA people
  • Cost: $20/screen

Many LGBTQ and same-sex attracted people agree in theory with the historic biblical view of sexual ethics: that marriage is a lifelong covenant between male and female, and sex belongs exclusively within that covenant. However, many of these same people struggle to imagine what a hopeful life of following Jesus could look like for them. Indeed, some LGBTQ people who ultimately change their view on sexual ethics, or who leave the Christian faith altogether, do so because they worry that the historic Christian sexual ethic isn't "livable" for someone like them. How can Christians of all kinds come alongside LGBTQ siblings and help them experience a life with Jesus that is not just "livable" but beautiful? We'll hear from a panel of folks who have wrestled with these questions and have found strategies for "livability" in their own lives.


April 12

  • 5:30pm Webinar Begins
  • 7:00pm Webinar Ends

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