Free Webinar: Global Conversations with LGBTQ/SSA Christians

Free Webinar: Global Conversations with LGBTQ/SSA Christians
Oct 26
, 2022

Join us for this FREE Webinar!

  • Date: Wednesday, October 26
  • Time:  8:30am-10am Pacific time (11:30am-1pm Eastern time)
  • Primary Audience: Missionaries, church leaders, globally minded Christians
  • Cost: Free!

When those of us living in the United States have conversations about LGBTQ/SSA experiences and Christian faith, our conversations are often dominated by our own nation's cultural attitudes and assumptions. In this webinar, we'll hear from LGBTQ and same-sex attracted Christians who have navigated their Christian faith around the world: in the United Kingdom, Kenya, Poland, and Singapore. By observing the similarities and differences that exist in these different contexts, we can be better equipped not just to engage in cross-cultural work but also to understand the limitations and blind spots of our own culture.


October 26

  • 8:30am Webinar Begins
  • 10:00am Webinar Ends

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