Leaders Forums:

Engaging Questions of Faith, Sexuality & Gender in the Church

Equipping Christian pastors/leaders in the LGBT+ conversation through two-day, one-day, and half-day Leaders Forums sponsored by seminaries, colleges, churches, or denominations.

Dr. Preston Sprinkle and other guest presenters will help Christian leaders and pastors engage tough questions about faith, sexuality and gender with theological faithfulness and courageous love. To maximize the learning experience, the Forums will be thoughtful, dialogical, practical, and relational.

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THOUGHTFUL - Teaching segments will be theologically in-depth and well-researched, both exploring and articulating a Christian ethic of sexuality and gender, and responding to the most compelling counter-arguments to this ethic.

DIALOGICAL – Most people learn best through dialogue and interaction. The Forums will integrate both dynamic teaching and interaction, presentations and Q & A. Everyone has a voice at the Forums.

PRACTICAL – The Forums will not be ivory-tower discussions with little connection to real life. Although the teaching will be in-depth, everything will be ministry focused, seeking to address the real questions that pastors and leaders are wrestling with in the trenches of ministry.

RELATIONAL – Not only will the participants get to know the speakers, but they will get to know each other. The Forums will be a safe place where participants can form a collective of like-minded Christian leaders, where relationships are built and networks are fostered.

The Format

At a Forum, we’ll engage various topics in the LGBT+ conversation, including:

  • Humanizing the conversation; it’s about people, not just issues
  • Breaking down the stereotypes—not all LGBT+ people are alike
  • Why language is so important; learning nuances of the LGBT+ conversation
  • Understanding the top gay affirming arguments and cultivating thoughtful responses
  • Guidance for churches on membership, service, communion, and baptism of LGBT+ people
  • Pastoring same-sex attracted or LGBT+ people and their families
  • Cultivating a pastoral theology of gender, transgender experiences, and intersex persons

Attendees will explore most pressing questions, such as:

  • Is “being gay” (or experiencing same-sex attraction) a sin?
  • Is sex difference necessary for marriage?
  • Does the Bible really prohibit same-sex, monogamous marriage?
  • Can someone be born into the wrong body?
  • Should Christians perform or attend a same-sex wedding?
  • What is the most faithful Christian view of sex reassignment surgery and hormone therapy?
  • Is gender identity and expression fluid or stable?
  • How should your church view open and affirming Christians, both gay and straight?

Every pastor and leader will leave with a number of very practical resources to help them inspire and educate those they lead, including a copy of our Leader's Guide: Leading the Culture Shift in Your Church. Attendees will also learn how to use the Grace/Truth 1.0 small group learning experience, which will help them educate the people they lead in the LGBT+ conversation.

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Conversations on Faith, Sexuality & Gender

Leadership Forums

These two-day college events will be led by Dr. Preston Sprinkle and held on the campuses of Christian colleges and seminaries. They include lectures, chapels, classroom teaching, Q & A, and other special events. The goal of Conversations is not to win arguments, but to create safe space for students to explore questions of faith, sexuality and gender from a Christian perspective.

Contact The Center for more details for how your college, seminary or denomination can host either a Leaders Forum or a Conversation on your campus.